At The Bom Life Company we are passionate about optimal living and helping our minds and bodies thrive.


We are sticklers for quality and want to prioritise this without impacting the environment, therefore, we only align with companies that do the same. With years of knowledge and experience using nature’s best kept secrets we bring to you our signature selection of organic products sourced locally and around the world.


Our ranges include Apothecary, Super ‘Shrooms, Optimised Coffee & Teas, Tonics, Superfoods, Plant Protein.


Organic Beeswax Vitamin E coco butter Shea butter Sweet almond oil Essential Oils – Sandalwood, Peppermint ,Camphor, Wintergreen and Arnica

We understand modern day living can get pretty busy to say the least.


However, it shouldn’t leave us feeling drained, scattered or anxious. We are big believers that in utilising nature and introducing new habits into your lifestyle you can show up fully and improve your quality of life. The old saying ‘you can’t pour from a cup thats half empty’ is at the core of what we do.


So please, LOOK AFTER YOU.



“I started taking the Reishi a while ago and now it’s a staple on my life!! When they ran out, I tried another brand but the extracts really work for me, I add it to a hot drink in the evening. I love it”




“I love the mushroom extracts and the Paso Milk Chocolate, I bought a few for my family for Christmas”




“I have been using the Lions Mane to help me study, I don’t know how but I find it helps me so much, not only for that but I feel more focused throughout the day.”




“The Anima Mundi Herbals Mind Powder is my favourite thing in my cupboard. I blend some in the morning with cacao, almond milk, banana and peanut butter!”