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Jabulani is an organic coffee with purpose!

The Rwandan single origin coffee has been produced as a result of a partnership between Owens Coffee and Plymouth-based Jabo Butera of the Diversity Business Incubator (DBI). Behind it is a story of a vision for improving communities and developing leadership.

Jabulani is grown in the Gakenke District of Rwanda. The coffee offers a juicy, black tea finish with sweet notes of ripe citrus and Champagne. We recommend it for both filter and espresso.

Coffee from Rwanda is mainly produced by smallholders who own land less than one hectare per family.


This organic single origin is produced by the Twongerekawa Coko Cooperative: a group of 138 members who grow their coffee at unusually high levels (2000m above sea level) so the beans are slowly ripened and full of flavour.


The Coko Cooperative is a small, mostly female cooperative based in Northern Rwanda and found in the highest areas of the Gakenke District. These females are celebrated community leaders; supporting them supports their communities.


Owens and Jabo have a direct relationship with the Twongerekawa Coko Cooperative. Sales of the beans will support an initiative which connects ambassadors from the UK and Rwanda to exchange knowledge, nurture leadership and encourage positive global change.

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Owens shade grown coffee grown using organic methods is better for the environment: there are no synthetic fertilisers or chemicals used in growing or production, organic farms can help combat climate change by emitting less carbon than a chemical farm, and they also sequester significant amounts of carbon.

As well as this, organically grown coffee is rich in healthy antioxidants. Their producers benefit from fair trade agreements and better working conditions. It is a win win for the planet, the producers and you as a consumer.


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