Reusable Safety Razor w/ Jute Travel Bag (Rose Gold)



Our latest range of eco-friendly safety razors have been designed with first-time safety razor users in mind. The ergonomic grip is textured to reduce slipping, perfectly weighted to increase comfort and balanced to provide an effortless shaving experience.

Our chrome plated zero waste DE razors are available in stunning rose gold or executive black. Keep your razors organised with matching safety razor stands.

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Once you have invested in an eco-friendly safety razor you will need some high-quality razor blades to get started. Our sustainable razors are compatible with any double edged razor blades, which can be purchased at large supermarkets, high street pharmacies or barbershops. Alternatively, we also retail stainless steel razor blades on our website too.

Jungle Culture also produces a range of plastic-free shaving soap bars, which will improve your shaving experience dramatically. They are also on our site, they work a lot better than you think they would!

Safety razors are simple and easy to use, but we know that change can be a little daunting, so JC have written a comprehensive, online user guide which runs through how to use the safety razors, but if you have any questions, get in touch with our friendly team and we will do our best to help!

Unlike single-use plastic razors, safety razor blades are very easy to recycle. To walk you through the process of recycling safety razor blades there is this help guide.

Reusable safety razors are 100% unisex and can be used by women or men. Not only are safety razors eco-friendly, but they are also extremely affordable when compared to single-use plastic razors. One safety razor blade costs just £0.39 and lasts for up to 16 shaves.