‘Stress Free’ Super Powder



Soothe the jitters and calm yourself with these adaptogenic herbs. This is a very special blend and if you can get this into your system regularly is going to do wonders for anyone who needs to slow down, chill or just take the edge off life.


Ingredients: Ashwagandha, holy basil, milky oats, reishi mushroom, nettle, herbs and spices. All organic ingredients.

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About Adaptogens: Plants and herbs that assist the body in promoting resilience and managing stress. Adaptogens work best over an extended period of time.


How To Use: Smooth, earthy flavour — add these concentrated superfood powders to classic cocktails, smoothies or dare we say it, sparkling water.


Size and Servings: 4 oz reusable glass jar, 1 teaspoon serving.

Gluten Free. No GMO’s. All natural. Vegan. Organically grown. No pesticides. No heavy metals. No additives, fillers, or sweeteners.