The Zephyr Ultrasonic Diffuser in White



WXY. ultrasonic diffuser in white. Designed to deliver optimum levels of fragrance to your surroundings through a humidifying mist. Zephyr has a range of discreet ambient light colour settings and four pre-set timer functions. Plug and go, requires water and essential oil fragrance. Why not try our pairing ultrasonic oils.

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An ultrasonic essential oil diffuser uses silent and subtle ultrasonic vibrations to break apart essential oils and water, sending them into the air in a cool mist. They don’t utilise any heat or any fans. The oils are rapidly evaporated through the tiny vibrations and sent into the air for maximum wellness.

Ultrasonic diffusers don’t change the fragrance of the oils. They merely dilute full strength oils with water and send them out into the air.